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I have been working on building so many things (apps, websites and stuffs), most of which have never been released to the public.

I always want to try out new technology or new stuffs that I’ve just learned by imagining a great product using that technology and spinning up a new projects. Most of the time, after having finished implementing some features, I then did not have enough time to make the product polished enough to release, so I just put it on hold.

Fortunately, several projects were then revived (with the help of my friend Huy) and become published app on Windows Phone and Windows Store. Below are the list of the published and unpublished (rather polished but mainly built for my team) projects that I have been working on for some time:

Task Me

This is the most recent project, but probably the most ambitious one. It is planned to be a task management platform, where you can manage and synchronize your tasks on multiple platforms including Windows Phone, Windows 8, Android and the web browser.

Moreover, Task Me differentiates itself by making it straight forward to send tasks and reminders to other people (let’s say you can now send tasks to your friends or teammate just as sending a SMS, without fiddling with creating a project or adding collaborators or permissions).

In this project, I worked mainly on designing the user experience for the client apps, implementing business logic for the app and creating the backend service. This is really fun because I can apply so many things that I have learned about Azure and the cloud: Web API, Notification Hub, SQL Azure, Table, Queue and Blob Storage and VM. I have also learned how to configure several websites with custom domains and associate them with SSL certificates. Managing all those and making sure that they always run well are challenging but very exciting as well!

You can read more about the final product at The app is now available on Windows Phone 8.0 and Windows 8.1, and the version for Android and web browser will hopefully come soon in the future.


This is an in-house project to record and manage app crashes.

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  1. Hello my name joey sebastion and I was wondering on how to make pokemon tcg server because mod works but it want let people battle 🙁 so if you can help please reply

    by one of your mod fans joey

  2. i am dealing on synthesis of my local language, could you help me please where to start. I have already prepared text and audio files.

  3. I love your Flight Tracker plugin for Stream Deck and MSFS2020, but I’m struggling to figure out how to program some of the buttons I need. I’ve searched all over for some examples but I was not successful. I’m hoping you can point me to some examples in print. Thanks!

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